Phantom GTR


I’d known of Phantom for a number of years thanks to the racing I had been doing with some friends, it was in 1999 I saw the prototype Phantom when Chris, the designer bought it to a National Supersports Race Meeting, that day I decided one day I would own one, 6 years later and I had decided the Lammas Graham project had become too much for me, it needed more investment and time than I could afford, so I made a tough choice and decided to sell it, this meant that I needed a new project, it was at this point that I learnt of a part built Phantom that could potentially be for sale, so a call to Chris was made to see what it would cost to finish the part built car, and I went to have a look at it, these are the photos I took:

The beginning

As you can see, it was basically just a rolling chassis, with a few boxes of bits.

After some negotiation a deal was done, and in December 2005 I picked the project up.

There was a huge amount of work to do to the car, I wanted to make some custom modifications such as fitting power steering, a different interior design and bi-xenon projector headlights.

The car’s fitted with a Honda 2.7 V6 from a Rover 827, these have always been fantastic sounding engines and should be reliable with it being a Honda, however not the most powerful at 170ish bhp. I decided this engine will be enough for now, I can always upgrade later on.

So one of the first things to do was to get a body ordered from Phantom, and also start collecting parts needed.

I visited the composite workshop where the bodies are moulded to have a look at my body being made:

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